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Cover of “History of Associated-Rediffusion Ltd 1954-1959” by Henry Brownrigg

History of Associated-Rediffusion Ltd 1954-1959

By Henry Brownrigg

114 pages, 146mm x 210mm, softback.

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This book, an early history of pioneering ITV station Associated-Rediffusion, is a first for Kaleidoscope – in that it was actually written well over 50 years ago.

The manuscript was produced in the summer of 1961 when Henry Brownrigg, son of the station’s General Manager Captain Thomas Brownrigg RN, was given work at the company in a university gap year.

Henry was given complete access to confidential company documents, and the authorisation to interview any member of staff. Originally intended for publication by the company itself, the completed manuscript remained in the company secretary’s in-tray for some time and never made it to print.

Just seven years later, the station itself would be consigned to history. Meanwhile Henry carefully preserved some of his notes and a carbon-copy of his manuscript, and it remained in his personal files for over five decades.

Some two years ago, in a chance telephone call to a local council concerning – of all things - a parking fine, Henry found himself talking to Simon Winters, who recognised the unusual surname and asked the question: “Would you by any chance be related to Tom Brownrigg?”

The result of that short phone conversation is this book.

The manuscript and its detailed footnotes have been typeset, adding unique photographs held by the Brownrigg family, and other original material. Such a book could not be written today – for the original source documents and the staff are all long gone.

The book will, we are sure, be seen for years to come as the most definitive record of the joint-first ITV station to hit the airwaves. It is also a fascinating example of the lost television history that can still to this day be found in peoples’ lofts and personal collections.