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Cover of “The BBC Television – Drama Research Guide 1936-2006” by Simon Coward, Richard Down and Chris Perry

The BBC Television
Drama Research Guide 1936-2006

By Simon Coward, Richard Down and Chris Perry

A five-volume softback set, totalling approximately 2500 pages

Why was the BBC’s opening programme shown twice on different days? Who produced the majority of pre-war BBC programmes? How was Doctor Who created? What is the earliest surviving telerecording? How many years did Sunday Night Theatre make outstanding live plays? What shows were nearly made, but never completed? What character was originally called Tom Devises?

Following the outstanding commercial and critical success of the ITV version, this all-new BBC Television Drama Research Guide, gives detailed information on seventy years of BBC drama plays, series and serials. It’s all here: the great and the good; the one-offs and the soap operas; the sci-fi and the melodrama. Each volume is full of facts, fun and information about the origins of the BBC, including details of what survives in the archives.

Regional programmes, school dramatisations and BBC test transmissions are included in detailed listings for the first time, and a selection of the finest radio output completes these staggering volumes. Every entry is indexed for ease of usage as well. This is what ‘Action TV’ said about our ITV Guides: “These guides really are something of a holy grail for TV historians and researchers and Kaleidoscope should be applauded for such well presented and meticulously researched tomes... If the BBC editions continue this high standard with such breathtaking detail then I’m first in line to buy them. These guides are the bees’ knees!”

The BBC Television Drama Research Guide 1936-2006 is a must for any true lover of British TV, the ideal companion for any DVD collector and highly recommended for any evil quiz-setter looking to defeat the brainiest of Sunday night scribblers at the local public house!

Please note, that apart from the occasional cross-over series where all details are shown, these books do not contain information for any programmes first shown on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 or the non-BBC Cable and Satellite Channels. If you’re looking for one of these, please click here.

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