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Cover of “The British Independent Television – Drama Research Guide 1955-2005” by Simon Coward, Richard Down and Chris Perry

The British Independent Television
Drama Research Guide 1955-2005

By Simon Coward, Richard Down and Chris Perry

A five-volume softback set, totalling approximately 2500 pages

Please note that a new volume containing improved and updated information is now available. However, this is available for download only. If you require a hard-copy, paper, edition then you will need to buy this volume as we are not planning to make the newer edition available as a printed book.

This guide is the result of many years of research building on the information contained in our original Drama Guide. It contains entries for more than 2,250 different programes produced for independent television terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasters in the UK. It includes transmission dates, episode titles, cast and main production credits together with archive holdings and, where known, production and VT numbers.

The first four volumes also each contain a full index listing not only programme titles, but individual titles for all plays as well as story titles for semi-anthology series like Crown Court. Between them, these volumes also include more than fifty pages of photographs.

Volume five is reserved for five long-running soap operas which are covered in great detail but nevertheless do not boast the same level of research as most of the other series. In this volume you will find Coronation Street, Crossroads, Emergency Ward 10, Emmerdale Farm and Emmerdale.

Please note, that apart from the occasional cross-over series where all details are shown, these books do not contain information for any programmes made by, or for, the BBC.

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