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Cover of “Mr Nationwide” by Michael Barratt

Mr Nationwide

By Michael Barratt

112 pages, 185mm x 249mm, softback; or PDF download.

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Television, radio, commercial video and journalism have provided Michael Barratt with a rollercoaster career. His successes and failures are charted with refreshing honesty in his new book, Mr Nationwide.

Now in his 85th year and still working, Michael recalls his introduction to TV in its pioneering days with BBC’s Panorama and 24 Hours before launching the programme that was to see him become a household personality – he is often described as an icon of the time – Nationwide, which enjoyed an audience of up to eleven million every weekday evening at six o’clock.

He takes his readers behind the scenes with frank and sometimes painfully honest stories of the famous people – politicians, sporting heroes, show business celebrities – with whom he worked and developed friendships, not least the romance that led to his much publicised marriage to Dilys.

It’s all as enjoyable – and moving – as the programme that made his name.