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Serial Thrillers

By Charles Norton

280 pages, 185mm x 249mm, softback; or PDF download.

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The story of Paul Temple, Dick Barton – Special Agent, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Journey Into Space and the adventure serial on British radio.

“The BBC seems bent on turning the children into a new kind of drug addict for... serial thrillers...” (The Times – 17th December 1946)

Following the end of the Second World War, a new form of radio entertainment would explode across Britain – the adventure serial.

Whether solving murders, foiling conspiracies or journeying into space, the heroes of these radio serials would be the idols of an entire generation of post-war radio listeners.

Dick Barton, Paul Temple, Dan Dare and Jet Morgan were once among the most famous names in British fiction. However, today they are almost forgotten.

With detailed episode guides and behind-the-scenes stories, it is now once again possible to relive the excitement of one of radio’s most addictive formats and enjoy again the exploits of its most daring adventurers.

With a special introduction by Nicholas Parsons